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Macgregor Tennis Shoes

These shoes are vintage item and are in enticing condition, they come with the belleville flyer, which isnote: vintage leather tennis shoes is sz 9. 5 and is a high-quality sneaker, they are leather, so they will feel good on your feet and will last long. They are new, and will be delivered brand-new to your home, tennis shoes is a must-have for any basketball player. The shoes are sensational fit and will make you look outstanding and feel like a pro, these shoes are fantastic addition to your collection, and are sure to make you a force on the court.

Macgregor Tennis Shoes Amazon

The tennis shoes are classic design that is fabricated to help players reach the back of the court, these shoes have a wide hook in the middle of the shoe and are 8. 5 wide, the shoes are made of leather and are good for playing in cold weather conditions. This is a new high top basketball tennis shoe from the shoes are in excellent condition with no marks or wear, they are size 8 and are without reviews. This is a splendid shoe for a modern power player, these vintage tennis shoes are exceptional surrogate for a casual day out or a day in the gym. With a wide hook at the front of the shoe and a soft leathery feel, they will stay on your feet all day, these shoes are unequaled value at $99. 99! They're a little large, but they will work with any application, the leather is still beautiful and defiantly makes them an excellent pair of sneakers.